Should I Get Two Rabbits From The Same Litter? Pros and Cons

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Getting two rabbits from the same litter comes with advantages. Rabbits are highly social creatures, but it can take time for two new rabbits to bond. Two rabbits adopted from the same litter will already be bonded.

It’s time for you and your family to adopt two new rabbits. You probably already know rabbits are social creatures, but you also know it can take a while for rabbits to bond. Because of this, you might wonder whether you should get two rabbits from the same litter.

This article will discuss why getting two rabbits from the same litter might benefit you. We will also talk about signs of a depressed rabbit and signals that your rabbit needs a friend.

Why Should You Adopt Two Rabbits from the Same Litter?

As previously discussed, getting rabbits from the same litter is beneficial for bonding, but there are also other reasons.

The Rabbits Won’t Be Alone

Rabbits love to be around other rabbits. If you adopt from the same litter, your rabbits will never be alone, even for a day or two.

They Already Know Each Other

When two new rabbits meet for the first time, they might be a little shy or territorial, but if you adopt them from the same litter, they already know each other and can jump straight into playing when you bring them home.

They Are The Same Age

This is one of the most overlooked reasons to get two rabbits from the same litter.

First, it increases the time the two rabbits spend with each other. If you already have a middle-aged rabbit, bringing home a younger rabbit will limit the time they spend together. By the time the younger rabbit reaches middle age, the older rabbit will likely already be gone.

Second, it makes caring for them a lot easier. They will go through the same life stages at the same time.


Adopting two rabbits in the same litter is also very convenient. You only have to make one trip to the stores to purchase the toys, food, hay, etc. You’re able to prepare for both rabbits at the same time.

No Need For Introductions

Introducing two new rabbits doesn’t always go as planned. Some rabbits are aggressive, and some are shy. When you purchase two from the same litter, the “introductions” have already happened.

What to Know Before Adopting From The Same Litter

Here are the steps we recommend you take before adopting two rabbits from the same litter.

Ensure they like each other

Nothing is worse than going home and realizing that the two rabbits you chose don’t like each other. Make sure that they get along before making the purchase.

Get Them Fixed ASAP

Unless you’re planning on breeding the two sibling rabbits (this is common practice in the rabbit industry), you should get the two rabbits fixed as soon as possible.

Get Enough Supplies

Ensure you have all the supplies you need before purchasing your rabbits. You do not want to go shopping while you have the rabbits in the car, so make sure you can take them home immediately and give them an excellent introduction to the new space.

Signs of a Depressed Rabbit

You might wonder why we are talking about rabbit depression in an article about getting rabbits from the same litter. The answer is simple…when rabbits are depressed, it typically means they don’t like each other.

If you suspect your rabbits are depressed, check for the following signs:

Not Eating or Drinking

Much like other animals, a rabbit will not eat or drink if they’re depressed. This is usually one of the first signs that they are in distress or upset.

Hiding All Day

Rabbits spend a good chunk of their day socializing, so if you notice the two rabbits are hiding or staying away from each other all day, they probably don’t like each other.

Abnormal or Destructive Behavior

Abnormal behavior is unique to each rabbit. As a rabbit owner, it’s your job to learn their normal behavior to tell if something is abnormal. Some rabbits will also display destructive behavior when depressed.

Aggression Toward Owner

One unfortunate sign that a rabbit might be depressed is if they become aggressive with their owner. This is just their way of sharing that they are upset, not because they are mad at you.

Bald Spots From Over-Grooming

It’s common for rabbits to over-groom if they are depressed. If you notice bald spots from over-grooming, you must take your rabbit to the vet.

Help Your Rabbit Be Social

When adopting two rabbits from the same litter, they will (in most cases) get along great. There will always be a few outliers, but littermates almost always get along. If given the opportunity, we believe adopting from the same litter is a great idea.

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