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One of the reasons rabbits thump is to attract attention. Fear causes rabbits to thump, but once they learn that thumping gets attention, they will thump simply for attention. They may be asking for more food, water, or even cuddles.

Do rabbits thump for attention? It’s a common question among rabbit owners, and the answer is…it depends!

Depending on the context, thumping can mean different things, so it’s important to observe your rabbit’s body language and behavior.

In the following section, we’ll explore why rabbits might thump and how you can tell if your rabbit is thumping strictly for attention.

Thumping For Attention VS. Fear

Rabbits instinctually thump because of fear. Thumping is their way of warning other rabbits that danger is nearby. However, some rabbits will learn that thumping also gets human attention.

For example, if you always come over to your rabbit whenever they thump, they’ll start to associate thumping with getting attention from you. As a result, they may start thumping simply to get your attention.

It’s important to know the difference because how you respond to a rabbit thumping for attention differs from if they’re thumping out of fear.

Here are some common signs that your rabbit is thumping because of fear.

Is Your Rabbit Being Exposed to Something New?

Rabbits are creatures of habit and they don’t like change. If you’re introducing your rabbit to a new person, animal, or object, it may thump out of fear.

Are They Cowering?

Rabbits cowering in a corner or under furniture are likely thumping out of fear. This is their way of making themselves small and unnoticeable in hopes that the danger will go away.

Your Rabbit Seems Agitated

If your rabbit is thumping and seems agitated or on edge, they’re likely thumping out of fear.

They Continue to Thump and Then Hide

Rabbits that thump and then immediately hide are likely thumping out of fear. A rabbit may go thump, go hide, come out of hiding to thump again, then go back into hiding.

How to Tell If Your Rabbit is Thumping For Attention

Now that we’ve explored some signs that your rabbit is thumping out of fear, let’s look at some signs that they’re thumping for attention.

They Stop When You Come Around

One of the clearest signs that your rabbit is thumping for attention is that they’ll stop thumping as soon as you come over to them. They got what they wanted (your attention), so there’s no need for them to continue thumping.

The Thumping Isn’t As Rapid

When rabbits are thumping out of fear, the thumping is usually more rapid. If the thumping is slower and less consistent, it’s more likely that they’re thumping for attention.

Your Rabbit Seems Playful

Another sign that your rabbit is thumping for attention is that they seem playful when they’re thumping. If they have a bouncy, happy demeanor, they’re likely thumping for attention rather than out of fear.

They Only Thump When They See You

Rabbits that only thump when they see you are likely thumping for attention. If they seem to thump more when you’re around, it’s a good sign that they’re doing it to get your attention.

What to Do If Your Rabbit Is Thumping For Attention?

If you think your rabbit is thumping for attention, you can do a few things to stop the behavior.

Give Them More Toys

Bored rabbits are more likely to thump for attention. This is their way of letting you know they have nothing to do! To prevent this, ensure your rabbit has plenty of toys to keep them occupied.

Increase Their Play Time

In addition to giving your rabbit more toys, you should also try to increase their playtime. If possible, set aside some time each day to play with your rabbit. This will help them stay active (which is great for their physical health) and engaged (which is great for their mental health).

Be Around Them More Often

Rabbits are very social creatures. When you aren’t around much, they feel neglected. If you can’t be around them as much as you’d like, try to at least spend some time with them every day. Even if it’s just a few minutes, this will help them feel loved and appreciated.

Check Their Food or Water Bowl

Rabbits that are hungry or thirsty are more likely to thump for attention. This is their way of letting you know they need something! Ensure their food and water bowls are always full to prevent this behavior.

Get Them a Playmate

If you only have one rabbit, they may be lonely! Consider getting them a playmate to help prevent this behavior. Just make sure to do your research first to make sure the two rabbits will get along.

Male Rabbits Are More Likely to Thump For Attention

Thumping for attention is more common in male rabbits than in female rabbits. This is likely because male rabbits seek the approval of their owners much more than female rabbits. Although that’s not to say female rabbits won’t thump for attention, they’re just less likely to do so.

Thumping For Attention is a Learned Behavior

Rabbits will naturally thump when they are scared, but most rabbits get attention from their owners when they thump. Rabbits are intelligent animals. They will realize they get attention when they thump and will begin thumping when they want something. So, if your rabbit is thumping for attention, it’s likely a learned behavior.

If you think your rabbit is thumping for attention, you can do a few things to stop the behavior. Some of these solutions include giving your rabbit more toys to play with, increasing their playtime, being around them more often, checking their food or water bowl, and getting them a playmate (if they’re lonely). Thumping for attention is a rabbit’s way of telling you they need something, so it’s important to pay attention to their behavior and respond accordingly.

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