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Silvervine is safe for rabbits and can also benefit them when they’re restless or agitated. Even though silvervine’s active properties help to relax and calm rabbits in times of distress, rabbits may not like its scent.

The safety of silvervine for rabbits is often debated because people don’t know if it is toxic. However, current research has proven silvervine to be completely safe. Not only that, but research has also shown that there are many benefits to having rabbits chew this plant. Rabbits might not have the same response as cats, but they can still enjoy this plant.

When rabbits are first introduced to silvervine, they may not like the scent. However, there are several ways to introduce the silvervine plant to ensure that the rabbit enjoys it. With the proper introduction, your rabbit will be able to quickly enjoy the benefits of silvervine.

What is Silvervine?

Silvervine is a Japanese catnip, one of the most popular herbs for cats. Prior to current research being released, many rabbit owners were unsure whether silvervine was safe for rabbits, but thankfully research has shown that it is.

Silvervine is a climbing plant that grows in mountainous regions of Asia. When dried up, it is given to several animals as a form of catnip. Of course, cats are the most common animal to consume this stuff, but rabbits also have reasons for enjoying it.

The Silvervine MUST Be Dry

Before giving silvervine to your rabbit, one of the most important things to remember is to always give dry silvervine to your rabbit.

This is important because rabbits cannot digest silvervine in any other form. After it has been dried, they use it similarly to cats. This makes it extremely easy for them to use, and it’s also very easy to clean.

Do Rabbits Even Like Silvervine?

Surprisingly, rabbits are enormous fans of catnip, this includes silvervine. Catnip is not as popular among rabbits as it is with cats (obviously), but because of its relaxing properties and decent taste, rabbits enjoy it.

Most rabbits will also enjoy the minty flavor they get when they chew on this because it’s reminiscent of other plants they enjoy chewing on.

How Do I Introduce My Rabbit to Silvervine?

You must proceed slowly when introducing your rabbit to silvervine. Here are a few tips for introducing silvervine into your rabbit’s diet.

Start Slow

The first and most obvious tip is to start slow and to make sure this is something your rabbit can handle. Start by giving them a small amount to see how well they respond to it. Remember that not every rabbit will respond the same way to silvervine.

If the rabbit doesn’t like it, you’ll know right away. If the rabbit enjoys it, you can proceed with giving a little more every time, but be sure not to overdo it.

Dried SIlvervine Only

As we discussed, ensure the silvervine is dried so the rabbit gets the most benefit. Thankfully, dried silvervine is easy to find. You can go to pretty much any pet store and find it.

If it’s safe for the cats, it’s safe for the rabbit, so you’d be safe buying silvervine from the cat section of the pet store.

Monitor Your Rabbit

Keep a close eye on your rabbit after they eat silvervine for the first time. With any new item you put into the rabbit’s diet, you should constantly monitor and ensure that the rabbit benefits from it.

Silvervine can be an excellent item, but it’s essential to ensure that the rabbit responds well because not every rabbit will respond positively.

How Does Silvervine Benefit Rabbits?

There are many health benefits to silvervine for rabbits. While some health benefits are similar to that of cats, there are particular benefits that are exclusive to rabbits.

Helps With Relaxation

The main benefit of silvervine for rabbits is that it is a very relaxing plant. This is very similar to the reaction cats have. This can be just as beneficial for rabbits as giving them anxiety medication.

Good for Chewing

Another significant health benefit is that this is a perfect plant for chewing. As all rabbit owners know, chewing is vital.

The Response Isn’t Too Strong

There is no psychoactive response to silvervine in rabbits, which is probably a relief for those familiar with cats’ reactions to catnip. The rabbit would benefit from this because it calms them down without giving them any psychoactive effects.

How Do Cats and Rabbits Differ In Their Response to Silvervine?

Cats Receive More of a High

Cats typically receive much more of a high from catnip and silvervine based on their genetic response to the substance. Rabbits do not receive the same high, but it still helps calm and relax a stressed rabbit.

Cats Can Consume More

Cats need to eat a lot more silvervine to have a response. Rabbits have a lower tolerance, which means they don’t need nearly as much.

Cats Can Eat Silvervine in Various Forms

Cats are not stuck with dried herbs. They can eat silvervine in just about any form. Some owners like to buy fresh silvervine since cats love to roll around in the fresh plants.

What Other Substances Can My Rabbit Consume?

There are a lot of substances you can give your rabbit that are also beneficial. Here are a few that you might consider.


Much like silvervine, catnip can give a tremendous relaxing benefit to rabbits. Again, just be sure to stick to the dried form.


Rabbits love to chew, and hay is a fantastic way to get some nutrients and munch away.


Rabbits love the minty taste of silvervine, and basil can provide this in its raw form.

Most Veggies and Fruits

Rabbits can eat most veggies and fruits, and they must do so to get the nutrients they need.


Wheatgrass is another essential plant that rabbits enjoy, and it has many nutrients they need.


Cilantro is another fantastic alternative to get more of that minty taste and to give the rabbit something different.


Known for their nutrients and bright yellow appearance, these plants are another great flower that rabbits can chew on.


For rabbits who typically enjoy minty tastes, this is a beautiful way to give them more of what they love.

Help Your Rabbit Relax with Silvervine

There are many great reasons to let your rabbit enjoy silvervine. The benefits of silvervine and its relaxing properties make it an ideal snack for rabbits to chew on while relaxing and sharpening their teeth during the day.

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