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It’s rare for a mother rabbit to move her babies. She will only do so if they are in danger. Mother rabbits cannot pick up their babies and move them, so she must guide them by nudging them in the direction she wants them to go.

If your rabbit just had babies, you may have noticed that she sometimes nudges her babies to move them around.

While it’s not normal for rabbits to move their young, it does happen from time to time. If you notice your rabbit moving her babies, it’s important to understand why she is doing it and how to make sure your rabbit is healthy and happy.

In this blog post, we’ll look at why rabbits move their babies and what you can do to help your bunny stay healthy and content.

How Does a Mother Rabbit Move Her Babies When Necessary?

As we mentioned, mother rabbits cannot pick up their babies with their mouths. She will nudge them with her nose if she needs to move them. This is why you may notice your rabbit gently pushing her babies around with her nose.

If you see her doing this, it’s not because she’s playing. It likely means that she is not comfortable with something in the environment.

Later in this article, we will discuss how to make a mother rabbit feel more comfortable if she seems stressed.

Why Would a Mother Rabbit Need to Move Her Babies?

Domesticated rabbits don’t have much of a need to move their babies. However, wild rabbits will often move their young to avoid predators or find new food sources.

Here are the main reasons a mother rabbit will move her babies.

Poor Weather

If the weather is bad, a mother rabbit may choose to move her babies to a new location. This could be because she is trying to find shelter from the rain or wind. Or, she may be trying to find a place that is not as cold.

Predators or Danger

If predators are around, a mother rabbit may move her babies to a new location. Baby rabbits are easy food for predators, so if a mother rabbit senses danger, she will find a new location.

Nest Was Destroyed

If the nest is destroyed, a mother rabbit may need to find a new place for her babies. This could happen if the nest is flooded or destroyed by a predator.

No Food Around Of Mom

If there is no food around, a mother rabbit may need to move her babies to a new location. It’s not just for her survival, though. If a mother rabbit cannot eat, she will be unable to produce milk for her babies. This could lead to the babies not getting enough food and eventually dying.

What If She Only Moves One Baby?

If a mother rabbit only moves one baby, it could be that the baby is sick, weak, or the mother doesn’t have enough resources for all babies. If a baby gets kicked out of the nest, chances of survival are next to none.

This may seem cruel for a mother rabbit to kick out one of the weaker rabbits, but weak and sick rabbits put the rest of the healthy rabbits at risk.

Rabbits aren’t the only animals that do this. You will see this behavior in nearly all species.

It’s Dangerous For a Rabbit to Move Her Babies.

Mother rabbits do not move their babies because they “feel like it.” It’s very risky behavior for the mother and babies.

When a mother rabbit moves her babies, they are exposed to the elements, predators, and traffic. This puts them in a very vulnerable situation and increases their chances of getting hurt or killed.

Should You Help a Rabbit Move Her Babies?

If you see a wild rabbit nudging along her babies, it might be tempting to pick up some of the baby rabbits and help momma move them to a new location. However, this is the last thing you want to do.

The best way to help is to make sure the environment is safe. For example, if the rabbits are trying to cross traffic, you can do your best to warn other vehicles that rabbits are crossing. Just do your best to keep the environment safe while the mother rabbit does what she must.

Rabbits Will Only Move Their Babies if They Are in Danger

Mother rabbits do move their babies when necessary. However, this is risky for both the mother and the baby. If you see a mother rabbit moving her babies, don’t intervene by picking up and moving the babies yourself. D your best to keep the environment safe and give her space to do what she needs to do.

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