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While jackrabbits are considered very quiet creatures, they can make several different vocalizations. These include screams, growls, clicking, and squeals. In most cases, these noises are only made when the rabbit is threatened or feels like it is in danger.

Do you ever wonder about the animals around you? What they do, how they live, and what kind of noises they make?

This post will look closely at one such animal – the jackrabbit. You might be surprised to learn that these creatures actually do make a wide variety of noises.

Jack Rabbits Are Quiet – But They Do Make Noise

While jackrabbits are considered very quiet creatures, there are actually several different vocalizations that they can make, but they usually only make these noises when they are in danger or feel nervous.

For example, a mother jackrabbit will often make a clicking noise to warn her offspring of danger. However, when a jackrabbit is happy, it may make a high-pitched squeal that ends low.

Communicative Vs. Non-Communicative Noises

It’s important to differentiate between communicative and non-communicative noises. Communicative noises are noises made with the intention of sending a message to other jackrabbits, while non-communicative noises are made without any specific intent or meaning.

The majority of noises made by jackrabbits are non-communicative. For example, when a jackrabbit runs, it may make a grunting noise similar to a dog’s panting. This noise is not made with the intention of communicating anything, but is simply a by-product of their physical activity.

Let’s look at both communicative and non-communicative noises made by jackrabbits.

Three Ways Jackrabbits Make Communicative Noises

Jackrabbits can audibly communicate with other rabbits in three different ways.

  1. Vocalization (Most Common)
  2. Grinding Their Teeth
  3. Clicking With Their Nose

In the following sections, we examine all three noises and go over when jackrabbits make each noise.


Jackrabbits express a variety of emotions with each other through vocalization, the most common type of communicative noise made by these creatures.

When a rabbit is agitated, it will make a quick, low-pitched scream. If a rabbit is angry, it will growl (kind of like a dog). If a rabbit feels threatened, it often makes a high-pitched scream that drops off at the end. And finally, if a rabbit is happy, it will make a long, drawn-out squeal. It will start high-pitched and end low. You can tell by the rest of their body language they are happy.

Grinding Their Teeth

Jackrabbits can also communicate by grinding their teeth. This noise is usually made when a jackrabbit is in pain or when they are content.

When a jackrabbit is in pain, the grinding is constant and sounds like gnashing teeth. Humans do this as well. When we are in pain, we tend to tighten up and clinch everything. This includes our teeth! On the other hand, when they are content, the grinding is soft and intermittent. It’s very similar to a cat purring. It’s the rabbits way of letting all the other rabbits know they are in a good place right now.

Clicking With Their Nose

The third way that jackrabbits communicate with each other is by clicking their nose. This noise is usually made when they are scared or in danger. They are letting other jackrabbits know there could be trouble nearby.

When a jackrabbit is scared, the clicking is rapid and consistent. It’s their way of saying, “I’m scared, and you should be too!”

Non-Communicative Noises

Jackrabbits also make a variety of non-communicative noises. These noises are not made with the intention of sending any sort of message, but are simply by-products of their physical activity.


As previously discussed, the most common non-communicative noise made by jackrabbits is grunting. This noise is usually made when they are running or exerting a lot of physical energy. It’s similar to a dog panting and is simply their way of breathing.


Jackrabbits also make a non-communicative noise when they are eating. When munching on their food, they may make a soft crunching noise. This noise is not made with the intention of communicating anything, but is simply the result of their teeth grinding together as they eat.


Finally, jackrabbits may also make a non-communicative noise when grooming themselves. When they are licking their fur, they may make a soft clicking noise. This is simply the result of their tongue hitting their teeth as they groom.

Jackrabbits Are Great Communicators

So to answer the question, jackrabbits make noise, both communicative and non-communicative. The most common noise they make is grunting, which is simply a by-product of their physical activity. The other noises they make are used to communicate with other jackrabbits. These include vocalization, grinding their teeth, and clicking with their nose. Each of these noises has a different meaning and is used in different situations.

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