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Iceberg lettuce lacks nutritional value compared to other types of lettuce, making it a poor option for rabbits. It also contains lactucarium, which can be harmful to rabbits. There are better lettuce options for rabbits, including Romaine, Loose Leaf, and Butterhead.

It’s not a good idea to feed your rabbit iceberg lettuce for several reasons. First, it does not have many important vitamins and minerals for rabbits. Iceberg lettuce also contains lactucarium, which is toxic for rabbits and can cause serious problems.

But if iceberg lettuce is bad, is all lettuce bad?


In this article, we will explore why iceberg lettuce is a poor choice for rabbits. We will also go over the pros and cons of other popular lettuce varieties.

Iceberg Lettuce Compared to Other Varieties

If you are unfamiliar with iceberg lettuce, it is often found in the produce section. It is pale green and ball-shaped. Cabbage is similar in color and shape but is entirely different in nutrients. Romaine lettuce is a darker green and has a taller leaf. Spinach is another leafy option.

Lettuce and leafy vegetables come in many varieties and can be divided into four main categories.

1) Butterhead
2) Crisphead
3) Loose leaf
4) Romaine

Cabbage and iceberg lettuce fit into the crisphead category. Butterhead is also known as Boston or bibb lettuce. These can make an exciting wrap for food. An example is to take a small amount of something you give your rabbit (such as red peppers) and put it inside the butterhead leaf.

Depending on location, these will have similar price points, usually iceberg and cabbage being the cheapest option.

Also, dependent on the store, these can be pre-chopped and washed. A lot of lettuce comes in salad kits, but the added ingredients may not be safe for your rabbit.

So What’s the Problem With Iceberg Lettuce?

There are two main reasons why iceberg lettuce is bad for rabbits.

1) Lack of Nutrients

There are minimal nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in a head of iceberg lettuce. This might not sound so bad, but rabbit food should offer more than the bare minimum in nutrients. The lettuce is composed mainly of water; while water is not bad, the food you feed your rabbit should offer more.

2) Contains Lactucarium

Iceberg lettuce also contains lactucarium. Lactucarium is a chemical compound and a milky substance that comes from iceberg lettuce. It gives a sedative-type side effect when given to rabbits.

Some argue that it is only in large quantities that it poses a health risk, but every rabbit is different. It would be better to avoid the risk altogether.

What About Other Types of Lettuce?

Since iceberg lettuce is not an ideal choice, are all lettuces bad?

No, some other options are actually a great choice. Romaine lettuce is high in fiber and other nutrients. However, it should not make up a large percentage of the diet.

Cabbage is not poisonous, but the higher calcium content can cause some problems. It also falls under cruciferous vegetables; if you are already feeding other similar items, it can be too much.

Spinach can be another occasional treat for rabbits. Spinach should be a once-a-week treat to add some variety.

Butterhead lettuce offers many essential vitamins and minerals that rabbits need. Its sweet taste and low calories make it a quality choice.

Lettuce In a Rabbits Diet

Regardless of what type of lettuce you feed your rabbit, it’s important to remember that lettuce should not be a large part of the diet.

80-90% of a rabbit’s diet should come from hay, and an additional 5-10% should come from pellets.

Fruits and vegetables make up the smallest part of their diet. Rabbits can still have a variety of fruit and vegetables in small quantities. Taking into consideration types of items is helpful too. The example of cruciferous vegetables is helpful. Giving too much of the same type, even if the fruit or veggie is healthy, can cause some problems.

If you want to incorporate new items, this should be a slow process and not with too many items at once. If your rabbit does have an intolerance to something, you will be able to pinpoint what it is.

Lettuce is Great, But Avoid Iceberg

There are many different types of lettuce and similar produce. Iceberg lettuce, romaine, cabbage, and spinach all offer different things. Iceberg lettuce is not a good choice because it lacks nutrients and is mostly water.

Other types of lettuce offer more and are just as easy to find and give to your rabbit. Romaine is one of the better choices out of the options explored, offering nutrition and variety.

However, lettuce should not be the main focus of the diet. With any new addition, you want to research and understand appropriate quantities.

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