Can Two Female Rabbits Live Together if One is Pregnant?

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Two female rabbits can live together if one is pregnant as long as the two have already developed a strong bond. The pregnant rabbit will require more rest, so it helps if they have plenty of room to separate in case the pregnant rabbit needs space.

Preparing for the arrival of kits is a big part of caring for a pregnant rabbit. There are also several needs that the pregnant rabbit will have.

If you have a couple of female rabbits and one of them is pregnant, you may be wondering if it’s ok if they live with each other.

Can Two Female Rabbits Live Together If One Is Pregnant?

If two female rabbits live together and one gets pregnant, they can continue living together.

It is not recommended to let them live together if they have not lived with each other before and have not developed a bond.

Assuming they have previously lived together and developed a bond, you still need to keep an eye on them as problems can develop.

The two rabbits will also need adequate space to get away from each other if needed. If they don’t have enough room, they may quickly become irritated, which could lead to a fight.

So as long as the two female rabbits have lived with each other for a while and developed a bond, and you have plenty of space for the rabbits, two female rabbits can live together, even if one is pregnant.

What To Do If They Start Fighting?

Even if the two rabbits are strongly bonded, there is still a chance that a fight might break out between the two. Since one of the rabbits is pregnant, they may become easily irritated. In this section, we’ll go over what causes the two rabbits to fight and what you should do if they start fighting.

As stated previously, pregnancy may cause the rabbit to become easily irritated. This could cause the pregnant rabbit to lash out at the other rabbit.

A big factor that could cause this to happen is the amount of space the rabbits have. If the two rabbits don’t have enough room to get away from each other, they are more likely to fight.

The best way to prevent the pregnant rabbit from lashing out is by giving the two rabbits plenty of space and places where they can hide from each other.

Another reason the two rabbits may fight is that one may perceive a weakness in the pregnant rabbit and use that opportunity to establish dominance. This is especially true if the pregnant rabbit is typically the dominant one.

It may be necessary to separate the two rabbits if this becomes a problem. Make sure they receive equal attention to prevent this from happening. Also, make sure they have enough food. The rabbits may fight over the food if there is not enough food.

These are just some of the reasons the two rabbits may fight. If fighting becomes more serious, you may need to separate the two rabbits to prevent any injuries to either of them.

As previously stated, you can prevent these fights by giving the rabbits plenty of space to hide from each other, ensuring they each get enough food, and giving each rabbit equal attention.

What Does A Pregnant Rabbit Require?

As a rabbit becomes pregnant, her mood may change, and her needs will increase. Pregnant rabbits eat more than normal and may become cranky and irritable. This leads us to the question, what does a pregnant rabbit require?

Housing A Pregnant Rabbit

A pregnant rabbit needs a comfortable space where there is room for the rabbit to lay her kits. As rabbits can have up to 12 kits at a time, they need plenty of space to lay them.

You will also need to set up a nesting box for your rabbit if you don’t want them digging their own burrow to give birth in. In order to be relaxed, the pregnant rabbit will also need privacy in her nesting box.

What Should I Feed My Pregnant Rabbit?

An expecting rabbit eats more than usual when she becomes pregnant. Making sure they are being fed correctly is extremely important.

A pregnant rabbit requires lots of green, leafy vegetables and alfalfa hay. Feeding your rabbit too many pellets could harm their pregnancy. Also, avoid feeding your rabbit sweet fruits since it may upset their digestive system.

Can You Reunite The Rabbits After One Gives Birth?

After one of the rabbits gives birth, it is possible to reunite the rabbits, but there are some risks to it.

One of the risks is that the other rabbit disturbs the sleeping kits and makes them think it’s feeding time. This leads to the mom ignoring them, meaning the kits don’t get fed. If you are going to reunite the two rabbits after one gives birth, this is something to watch out for.

Risk Vs. Benefits

Two female rabbits can live together if one is pregnant, but in doing so, you risk problems between the two rabbits.

It is also possible to reunite the two rabbits after one gives birth, but there are also risks that come with that.

However, just because there are some risks doesn’t mean it shouldn’t or can’t be done. Rabbits should have consistency, so if the two rabbits are already bonded, it’s worth testing for a few days.

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