Can Rabbits Have Babies Without Mating? [Myth Busting Time]

Rabbits cannot have babies without mating. The only way for a female rabbit to get pregnant is to have intercourse with a male rabbit. The female rabbit will release an egg after intercourse. If the sperm and egg meet,...

Can Rabbits Die From Drinking Too Much Water?

Water intoxication in rabbits can be fatal, but it is rare. Most rabbits will drink only as much water as they need. A large amount of water can cause dehydration, kidney strain, and diarrhea. Excessive water consumption is unlikely...

Why is My Rabbit Losing Hair On His Back? 6 Possible Reasons

There are a few reasons why your rabbit might be losing hair on his back. The possibilities include excessive scratching from fleas and other parasites, a lack of grooming, and underlying health problems, such as stress, allergies, or hormonal...

Can Rabbits Get Lice From a Human? [Should You Be Worried?]

Rabbits cannot get lice from humans, and humans cannot get lice from rabbits. The main reason for this is that the different species of lice that infect rabbits and humans prefer to live on their respective hosts. Do you have...

Can Rabbits Get Fleas From Hay? [Preventing a Flea Infestation]

Rabbits can get fleas from hay, but it depends on where you made the purchase. It's unlikely pre-packaged hay from pet stores or a reputable company will contain fleas. However, hay purchased from a local farmer or feed store...

Does Epsom Salt Keep Rabbits Away? [How to Properly Use It]

Epsom salt is a natural deterrent that will keep rabbits away. You can sprinkle it on plants to keep rabbits away, which takes far less time and money than building a fence. Plants also benefit from Epsom salt since...

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